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Working with road safety is often performed at a national level. Thus differences in improving road safety is common. If we work together towards an improved road infrastructure we can make a difference for road users all over Europe. Uniting the knowledge of infrastructure management sets an essential fundament for improving road safety crossing regional and national borders. The positive effect will benefit today’s Europeans and generations to come.

Trainings in road safety must consider existing principles, practices and national standards. This will be a base for the training. Together with the participants’ previous knowledge and experiences this fundament is an important part of the training content, just as the demand for enhanced knowledge is.

A well developed content is not sufficient for a successful training. To give a clear and understandable structure to the training is important to the participants.

The BALTRIS training is split up into modules, which is common for trainings in traffic safety.

Trainings in road safety should be of interest to all persons dealing with road safety in some aspect. Different sectors using traffic safety expertise might find a training more or less relevant depending on the level of the training. A training should always be adjusted to its target group.

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BALTRIS Training is free of charge. The participants are however responsible for operational costs such as venue and travel, print costs etc.

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Outputs from BALTRIS

With expertise from road authorities and academic institutions BALTRIS has brought ready-to-apply road infrastructure management tools. Working to improve road infrastructure safety we can enhance road safety, saving life, health and money.

Outputs from BALTRIS: Procedure manuals, final brochure, film on road safety and articles.

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Lead Partner: Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, J. Basanavičiaus g. 36/2, 3109 Vilnius, Lithuania

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