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Outputs from the BALTRIS project

Together we can make Europe an attractive place to invest, work and live in. The key to overall improvement is a continued transnational cooperation focusing both human life and the environment.

Safe transportation is an important issue for all citizens. Road infrastructure safety is one of the key pillars for road safety. BALTRIS combines expertise of road authorities and academic institutions to bring out ready-to-apply road infrastructure management tools, for the Baltic Sea Region and for all European countries. Enhancing road safety saves life, health and money.

The BALTRIS project has resulted in four procedure manuals:

  • Road safety impact assessment
  • Road safety audits
  • Road network safety management
  • Road safety inspections.

These tools have during the latter part of the BALTRIS project been taught through week-long trainings. The project has also left scientific imprints through a couple of articles.

BALTRIS Final brochure

Saving life, health and money in road traffic

Outputs from the project and more. From the content list:

  • Too many lives are lost in traffic
  • Improving safety systematically
  • Study visits
  • Recommendations
  • Importance of transnational cooperation
  • The future

The BALTRIS film

A few important minutes

Following the life cycle of a road, the most important aspect should always be safety. This BALTRIS film gives easy-accessed information on road safety and some possible, cost-effective ways for improvements. Please use the film to help road users enjoy enhanced road safety.

Outputs from BALTRIS, listed with work package numbers

The outputs from BALTRIS are also listed at the bottom of the page, ordered by number.

BALTRIS Final report

Road Safety in the BSR and International Practice in Road Infrastructure Safety Management  (pdf, 1 MB)

Procedure manuals from BALTRIS

Road safety impact assessment

(pdf, 740 kB)

Road network safety management

(pdf, 675 kB)

Road safety inspections

(pdf, 697 kB)

Road safety audits

(pdf, 817 kB)

BALTRIS Training

Road infrastructure safety management is highly benefitted by continuously performed and updated trainings in road safety. Ongoing improvements have effects on personal as well as local, regional and national level. When trainings are held with a transnational perspective we can find a joint aspect of Vision Zero and unite to reach its goal. Together we can make a crucial difference in the road infrastructure.

Training programme on Road Infrastructure Safety Management

(pdf, 740 kB)

Education and training options in Road Infrastructure Safety Management

(pdf, 521 kB)

More information about the BALTRIS training and contact

Articles related to BALTRIS

Policy Instruments for Managing EU Road Safety Targets: Road Safety Impact Assessment

(First project related article) in The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering Volume VII, 2012, Number 1

Policy Instruments for Managing EU Road Safety Targets: Ranking of High Accident Concentration Sections, Road Safety Inspections and Road Safety Audits

(Second project related article)

in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s journal Transport

Road Safety Inspection and Road Safety Audit as The Main Tools for Infrastructure Safety Improvement in Rapidly Motorizing Countries

(Third project related article)

in Journal of International Scientific Publication: Ecology & Safety – MMT Volume 6, Part 1

Outputs from BALTRIS, listed with work package numbers:

Report on road safety in the BSR and international practice in road infrastructure safety management
Recommendations for Road Safety Impact Assessment
Road Safety Audit Good Practice Guide
Ranking of High Accident Concentration Sections and Network Safety Ranking Procedure
Road Safety Inspection Guidelines and Checklists
Action Plan for the application of guidelines
Report on education and training options and programmes in the area of road infrastructure safety
Training programme on Road Infrastructure Safety Management


Outputs from BALTRIS

With expertise from road authorities and academic institutions BALTRIS has brought ready-to-apply road infrastructure management tools. Working to improve road infrastructure safety we can enhance road safety, saving life, health and money.

Outputs from BALTRIS: Procedure manuals, final brochure, film on road safety and articles.

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Lead Partner: Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, J. Basanavičiaus g. 36/2, 3109 Vilnius, Lithuania

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